MarketNet Associates, a division of Interline Creative Group, Inc., is a leader in Spiff Management, expediting Fulfillment Programs and efficient e-commerce platforms. One of MarketNet’s primary services is successful management of product Spiff programs for companies like TOTO®, Elkay® and Mr.Steam®. MarketNet optimizes Spiff programs for desired outcomes and little administrative burden. MarketNet’s fulfillment program puts the human touch on fulfillment. The results of MarketNet’s unique process are effective and profitable back-end selling. We have the ability and capacity to design an e-commerce product site, promote it and sell it. For over ten years, the company has been selling products successfully online. MarketNet is a full-service company designed to take your product to markets all over the world.

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Discover how effective, personalized service can make a difference for you and your customers. MarketNet offers tailor-made services that go far beyond e-commerce or fulfillment. MarketNet supports the strategy of reaching customers when, where and how they want to be reached, thereby delivering the right results for your business objectives. When you partner with MarketNet, we enable our partners success by becoming an extension of your organization with specialized services that fit your need. Whether it’s managing your spiff program, lead fulfillment and verifying leads, or setting up your e-commerce engine, MarketNet works with you to take care of your business back-end while you take care of growing your business. Each program we create is tailored to your business objectives and budget. We can manage the whole program or just one aspect – it’s up to you. Talk to us about how MarketNet can drive loyalty to your business through compelling incentives, profitable lead fulfillment and exciting e-commerce initiatives.
Spiff/Loyalty Programs


With more than 10 years of experience, MarketNet, relies on hands-on customer service to successfully sell plumbing and service products to customers online www.shopmarketnet.com, by phone 866.700.CLEAN, by fax 888-800-1076 or email [email protected]. MarketNet is an authorized distributor for numerous plumbing products from well-established companies like Sloan Valve, OS&B, Bobrick, and Falcon with a wide range of products including liquid hand soap, waterfree-urinal cartridges, cleaners, manual and sensor-operated soap dispensers, shower drains and heads, sensor faucets, p-traps, and replacement filters to name a few.

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Spiff/Loyalty Programs


MarketNet got into the fulfillment business in 1999 when Sloan Valve Company asked us, “see if Jim wants it?” Since 1999, we have performed fulfillment services for Geberit, Chicago Faucets, Safety-Kleen, and numerous other companies. For example, System Sensor, a Honeywell company, was a client for marketing and advertising services, but also for fulfillment. Then they hired RR Donnelly because of a corporate mandate to consolidate fulfillment. RR Donnelly hired us to help them fulfill Honeywell orders. MarketNet exists to do best practices in fulfillment. To us, that means knowing who you are fulfilling. And why.

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Spiff/Loyalty Programs

Spiff/Loyalty Programs

What Is a SPIFF A “spiff” is a cash premium, prize, or additional commission for pushing or increasing sales of a particular item or type of merchandise. MarketNet Associates, a division of Interline Creative Group, Inc., offers expertise in the administration and management of such programs.

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