MarketNet got into the fulfillment business in 1999 when Sloan Valve Company asked us, “see if Jim wants it?” Since 1999, we have performed fulfillment services for Geberit, Chicago Faucets, Safety-Kleen, and numerous other companies. For example, System Sensor, a Honeywell company, was a client for marketing and advertising services, but also for fulfillment. Then they hired RR Donnelly because of a corporate mandate to consolidate fulfillment. RR Donnelly hired us to help them fulfill Honeywell orders. MarketNet exists to do best practices in fulfillment. To us, that means knowing who you are fulfilling. And why.

Our Commitment to you:

Finding a good match with a third-party fulfillment provider is becoming more difficult because of consolidations, changes in marketing direction by providers, and volatility in client-third-party relationships related to costs and service levels.

As you evaluate your selection of vendors, your ultimate decision rests on their value, perceived or realized.

One way is be sure the vendor you choose has experience with your product type and order volume.

MarketNet’s flexibility in fulfillment has earned the reputation to get things done – the right way.

We will: