What Is a SPIFF

A “spiff” is a cash premium, prize, or additional commission for pushing or increasing sales of a particular item or type of merchandise.
MarketNet Associates, a division of Interline Creative Group, Inc., offers expertise in the administration and management of such programs.

Our Experience
We are experience in both point and cash spiffs. MarketNet focus on the individualization of the program itself, and on integrating personal service to our clients’ customers.

We do:

One differentiation is that we believe the data you receive from the payout of spiffs has marketing value. For example, unlike other companies who do this type of work, our value proposition is that we only pay out on products authorized by you in return for information from the seller.

Thus, a showroom consultant who claims a spiff for one of your products would have to supply the invoice that documents the sale. On that invoice is not only your product, but your product’s sales price, and many times, who purchased and installed it.

The results are a robust database that you can use to profile your customers (i.e., one of our clients has over 16,000 consumer locations who have their products in their homes).

No other spiff company works like this.

We prepare reports of products being sold and create a database of your invoices with all pertinent demographic information of the submitter (end user). We also Fulfill and Distribute cash rewards within two (2) weeks of submission. We can create a full user profile and full product sales analysis from the data we input.

MarketNet with Interline Creative Group, Inc., brings a wealth of experience you can rely on to assure your program’s success. For example, The Human Side of the Spiff is a blog written by Jim Nowakowski, our founder, that discusses a recent major media outlet published guest editorial entitled “Have spiffs run their course?” which ignored the other side of the story of a spiff. It was written by Jeff MacDowell, the director of the Luxury Products Group, LLC (LPG). To date, it is one of the most read blogs on the Interline site, with over 3,600 downloads. Many people have commented it on it as well.  In Cash Isn’t King…Yea, Right, we discussed an article that claimed trips and incentives other than cash worked better. It reviews what was claimed and what our own results proved: cash is still king. We encourage you to review these essays.

MarketNet helps you target your sales efforts and more effectively manage your promotional dollars. For example, you may believe that your sales force “covers” or “knows” all of the showrooms worth knowing. The analysis of the data can produce often striking results in revealing how untrue that belief really is! By utilizing the information being provided we can also help identify and adjust on an “as needed” basis what products to spiff/promote. Our database analysis will lead to additional intelligence with which to judge marketing actions.

The bottom line is that MarketNet has had clients in this area since 2001. These clients – some of the biggest names in plumbing – stay with us because of our unduplicated service, ethics and dedication to data. In fact, one of our metrics is feedback from the showrooms themselves – a way to ensure that we are doing our job for our clients. We have a 99.8% satisfaction rate, which we would be happy to share with you.

Also we are very familiar with many of your showrooms. For example, we work well with Ferguson showrooms and know they have very specific rules to being a part of any spiff program and deal with them on a monthly basis.