Chicago Faucets’ Program Delivers Bonus Products

cfcorporateaccountsChicago Faucets has been America’s leading manufacturer of commercial faucets for over 110 years. With manufacturing, research, and development facilities located solely in the United States, you can count on products that are made with an unwavering commitment to quality backed by know-how and determination that are uniquely American.

When Chicago Faucets wanted to reward customers, management decided that a reward program would be the right incentive to generate interest among facility managers at corporate accounts. Its Program offers facilities a means to earn products by simply earning points redeemable for more products.

Chicago Faucets tapped MarketNet to take over rewards program administration. In addition, MarketNet programmers designed the custom Web-based portal for the program, and its sales support and fulfillment team administers the program, which enables facility managers to track their points for buying specific Chicago Faucets products. Participants e-mail, fax or mail their information to MarketNet, which compiles it according to Chicago Faucets’ specifications and then issues incentive points based on product criteria.