Chicago Faucets has been America’s leading manufacturer of commercial faucets for over 110 years. With manufacturing, research, and development facilities located solely in the United States, you can count on products that are made with an unwavering commitment to quality backed by know-how and determination that are uniquely American.

Chicago Faucet’s leads are processed and stored by MarketNet through a Sales Force interface. Each lead receives a personalized letter from the marketing director detailing Chicago Faucets commercial product line, customer service and local representative information. The electronic lead is then sent to the local representative helping assure a timely follow up to promote sales. MarketNet assures the request for literature is processed quickly no matter the amount of literature requested. MarketNet does not “bulk” literature requests that could leave the request unfulfilled for weeks, losing the impact of receiving the information in a timely manner.

McGraw-Hill Dodge® Interface

MarketNet also receives project leads through the McGraw-Hill Dodge Interface license of our client. We feed these projects into our custom interface for the client’s representatives, who manage their roles with the project participants.