Cheviot Rewards Program Expands Installed Base

cheviotrewardsFor more than a quarter century, Cheviot Products has been supplying the finest bathroom fixtures to the plumbing industry, including bathroom sinks, cast iron bathtubs, toilets, faucets, and other bathroom products.

Cheviot — today’s most luxurious and durable bathtubs — decided to provide showroom consultants with a new Cheviot Rewards Program to reward them for choosing Cheviot.

Capitalizing on MarketNet’s relationship with showroom consultants, Cheviot sought MarketNet to administer their spiff program. This involved the total creation of the website portal for showrooms to use as well as program support, which enables showroom employees to receive cash rewards for selling specific Cheviot products.

Here too, participants e-mail, fax or mail their sales information to MarketNet, which compiles it according to Cheviot’s specifications and then issues incentive checks based on earned rewards. MarketNet simplified the process making it pain free for showrooms to participate and increase their earnings and allowing Cheviot to expand their installed base.