OS&B®, founded in 1975, is a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Plumbing Products. Located in Oakville Ontario, OS&B® is Canada’s largest manufacturer and Distributor of Waste & Overflows, Traps, Lavatory Drains, Tubular Brass Fittings and various other plumbing parts.
OS&B’s products are inventoried by MarketNet to service customers through shopmarketnet.com and direct. A variety of carefully selected OS&B products including shower drains and p-traps chosen for their popularity and versatility are available and sold by MarketNet.

Problem Solved

Recently a plumber, Eddie Bock of Eddie Bock’s Plumbing in Naples, Florida called MarketNet to check out our inventory of OS&B side discharge shower drains. He needed 30 side mounted drains immediately. We had the SDB47 round and SDB48 square side discharge floor and shower drains he wanted and shipped them from inventory the same day. He chose OS&B drains because he would not have to break up the concrete in the existing condominium’s tub shower floors to install walk-in showers. He chose MarketNet because of our reputation and, of course, because we had them in stock.

This is a typical example of what we at MarketNet do for our customers. We invite you to visit www.shopmarketnet.com or call 847-358-6884 for available OS&B and other plumbing products.

MarketNet’s inventory programs not only carry industry-popular products but also include access to product information from experienced personnel, exemplary customer service, the conveniences of online shopping at www.shopmarketnet.com and always fast delivery.