SPIFF programs can be crucial facets in a company’s showroom sales strategy because of the incentives they provide for top-tier performance. Most SPIFFs offer representatives cash or other prizes like gift cards for meeting specific sales targets or objectives. While SPIFFs can be highly effective in driving performance and boosting sales, they also come with several risks that require careful consideration before starting your program. Here are some of the main pitfalls to keep in mind:

Are SPIFF Programs Risky? Not If You Implement These Strategies!

If all of that sounded intimidating, or even discouraging, no worries! There are ways to mitigate risk while creating a SPIFF program that brings value to your company and representatives. Here are some simple but effective strategies to implement:

If you still have questions or concerns about risk in SPIFFs, it’s helpful to get tailor-made advice from a proven program administrator! Since 2001, MarketNet Associates has provided major industry players with their expertise in the management of large SPIFF programs. MarketNet’s 99.8% satisfaction rating from its longtime customers speaks for itself! Learn more about SPIFFs and how your business can benefit from a well-designed program by giving MarketNet a call today at 847-358-6884!