It seems more and more companies spend a fortune setting up booth displays, calculating salary and travel expenses and forget the one thing they came for…their ROI…sales leads. Most sales leads are forgotten, delegated to a clerk or an outside dial-by-number service or are put on the back burner for months. Follow ups are not recorded and the sales leads eventually go to Ethernet heaven.

Recently, sales leads were followed up from an early spring electronic show in early summer. The number of projects and interest indicated in the calls were still valid and growing. Projects that were live at the show were still live or being replaced by other projects.

Most people won’t leave their information at a trade show unless there is at least a vague interest…they are in the marketplace or have contacts with someone who is. There are many other uses for sales leads and easily put into place with a professional staff to get the most ROI for your trade show dollar. Sales leads can and do lead to sales!