MarketNet Spiff / Loyalty Programs:

Spiff and/or loyalty programs can influence purchases when little else separates a manufacturer from its competitors. Manufacturers spiff customers and other value chain participants to help boost sales. Nothing should replace the quality and reliability of the product itself, but if quality is equal among competitors, it makes sense to utilize the spiff or loyalty program.

MarketNet’s experience and reputation for managing spiff and loyalty programs has reaped dividends for the manufacturers we serve. While many audiences such as showrooms, contractors and distributors have come to expect these programs, MarketNet knows that if poorly run, they can do more harm than good. Participants become disenchanted if they find it difficult to submit paperwork, earn prizes, or encounter hassles along the way. MarketNet supports these programs every step of the way to ensure they operate smoothly and keep both manufacturers and customers satisfied.

Research conducted by MarketNet’s sister company, Accountability Information Management Inc., has found that participants in some spiff programs we’ve managed purchased about 25% more from the sponsoring manufacturer because of the spiff promotion. MarketNet gives you a support team that:

  • verifies participants paperwork
  • only pays on qualified products
  • checks for duplicates/fraud
  • processes the rebates
  • issues checks in a timely fashion, normally within two weeks
  • answers questions regarding the program by e-mail, phone or fax