Did you know that UPS alone delivers over 22.3 million packages per day? There’s simply no question that efficient fulfillment services are the backbone of modern businesses! With the world of online retail exploding, customers can quickly compare prices and benefits, and have developed a keen eye for convenience and speed. Having fast, reliable shipping may be the deciding factor that gets your business the sale! From improving customer satisfaction to enhancing company productivity, the advantages of efficient fulfillment are impossible to overstate. Let’s explore what optimizing your fulfillment can do for you:

Fast Order Processing

Efficiency in fulfillment enables businesses to process orders seamlessly at every stage of the process from receiving to shipping. Tools that enhance order processing speed include barcode scanning, automated sorting systems, and inventory management software.

Create Happy, Loyal Customers

Prompt order processing, accurate deliveries, and timely shipments are crucial for keeping customers satisfied in a competitive market. Speedy delivery was cited by customers as the most important contributing factor to a positive digital shopping experience according to a January 2019 survey by Avionos. With one-day and two-day shipping becoming increasingly common, striving for speed results in higher levels of satisfaction and repeat orders. Positive experiences contribute to brand loyalty and referrals for your services. Your suppliers and partners also appreciate speed and will come to rely on you for it!

Save Money

By charting your fulfillment process then optimizing it, your business can identify and eliminate any errors, redundancy, and inefficiencies that are repeatedly costing you money. By streamlining inventory, warehouse operations, and transportation logistics, you can reduce wasteful spending and improve your bottom line.

Avoid Overstocking

If you’re involved in retail, you know that overstocking is a major headache for businesses! One helpful way to avoid overstocking and excess stockpiling is by utilizing the latest data analytics and forecasting tools. An optimally stocked warehouse results in more efficient service and reduced costs!

Optimize with Data

Efficient and effective fulfillment generates a wealth of valuable data that can be used to further optimize your processes. Some helpful key performance indicators (KPIs) to track include order cycle time, order accuracy, and inventory turnover. Optimization never ends, and quality data helps your services become better and better!

The wonderful thing about fulfillment is that there are plenty of seasoned experts who can help your business achieve its goals! MarketNet Associates is an experienced fulfillment provider that has effectively served the needs of large and small companies since 1999. MarketNet’s knowledgeable team uses cutting-edge technology and best practices to provide customers with fulfillment services that are highly efficient, accurate, and cost effective. Give their friendly staff a call today at 847-358-6884 to see what they can do for you!