MarketNet is also an authorized distributor for numerous products. MarketNet sells its products through E-commerce sites, as well as by phone, fax and e-mail. The orders are taken and fulfilled within 24 hours.

MarketNet has the ability and capacity to take your E-commerce product and design your site, promote it and sell it. For over ten years, MarketNet has been selling products successfully online. MarketNet is a full service company designed to take your product E-ffectively to markets all over the world.

From setting up and operating web stores to online marketing, MarketNet can help. Our warehouse capability can also help dispatching goods, making a seamless experience for your customers (i.e., we often work closely with our manufacturers to dropship to the customer). Our services include:

  • Online Store management
  • Online marketing
  • Online Storefront development and product presentation
  • Business services
  • Customer service
  • Logistics and fulfillment


MarketNet is an authorized distributor for variety of products from soap to waterfree urinal cartridges, to faucets. We sell our products through and e-commerce site, by phone, fax and e-mail. The orders are taken and fulfilled within 24 hours.

MarketNet is responsible for complete lead management including fulfillment, tracking inventory and phone follow-up for many major companies. The MarketNet staff promptly gathers and ships requested literature to inquirers from its stock of fulfillment materials housed onsite. All literature is inventoried so we can alert the client if they are running low on any given piece. MarketNet also databases all literature shipped and is able to issue reports regarding who made the request for which piece of literature.

From premium items to printed brochures to print-on-demand literature, MarketNet can help make sure your sales team or distributor network has access to what they need to make the sale. Plus, we call each lead prior to fulfillment. That single service eliminates waste – plus gives your sales team an edge by qualifying the lead! At MarketNet, we understand that you sell, or else! Give us a call today to discuss your next lead generation or lead nurturing project.